Change Begins With YOU

Proverbs 23:7 As a Man Thinketh in His Heart – So Is He.

A simple question for you today is:  What are you thinking?

“Thoughts” are a frame and pattern for our lives.

Job 3:25 says “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. “(KJV)

Are your thoughts always negative thoughts, are they woe as me thoughts or do your thoughts provide you with the fuel and momentum to “CHANGE”?  When you change, your surroundings change.  True change must take place inside before it can be reflected outside.  All other change is a false image that ultimately returns to “True Self”.  Water and Oil cannot flow out of the same cistern.

None are perfect and we could all benefit from change in some facet.  Whether it be in your marriage, with your children, on your job in your finances, change begins with you.  How you see yourself begins with you.  While it may have been patterned from what you saw as a child, you have the right and will to CHANGE.  You are exactly who you think you are.

“Watch your thoughts. They become words. Watch your words. They become deeds. Watch your deeds. They become habits. Watch your habits. They become character. Character is everything.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

(1)     Renew Your Mind

The bible tells us to “Renew our mind” This renewing has to be done on a daily basis.  Why, the first part of this scripture tells us to “Be not conformed to this world”.  The world is a corrupt place.  We are in this world but not OF this world.  So much happens around us that we are to RENEW our mind, be Christ Centered and continue to fulfill our walk in this life.

(2)     Change Your Surroundings.

Choose your friends wisely.  You are who you hang around.  Have a mentor.  You may have more than one mentor for a different area of your life.

(3)     See Yourself Happy.

Take the necessary steps to cultivate a positive belief system even in a negative world.  Invest in building you.

Your environment is your looking glass – You See what you Said.

Diligent In The Way,


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About Pamala Hutcherson

Elder Pamala Hutcherson, passionately called Elder Pamala by many, has been sent forth into the Kingdom for such a time as this. Elder Hutcherson’s most heartfelt desire is to see the people of God healed, delivered and set free from the yoke of bondage. Because of her commission by the Lord to be “Her Brothers/Sisters Keeper”, in June 2003, she founded Fertile Ground Foundation (FGF). Fertile Ground Foundations ultimate aim is the build those in need. Through a scope of services such as: Health Awareness, Youth and Adult Life-Skills and Youth Mentoring, FGF looks to seed into the life of others so that they may know that change is possible and if you believe, change is inevitable. Fertile Ground Foundation is not just a Community Service Organization, but also a ministry to others in need. She solemnly swears that it is our duty to Christ and our brothers to “Pay It Forward” to the next generation. She attends the Worship Center Christian Church where Pastor Vanable L. Moody is the Senior Pastor and is a part of Global Institute of Church and Marketplace Prophets (GICMP) where Prophetess Dwann Holmes Olsen is Founder and Senior Prophetess. Elder Pamala holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Governors State University, a Certificate in Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and is in her final year of Doctoral Studies (DPA) at Capella University. She sits on the National Patient Advocate Foundation's (NPAF) Elite Presidents Council. A council strategically aligned by NPAF that consists of state advocates as voices for the under and uninsured in the Unites States. Elder Pamala is a certified HIV/AIDS Prevention Instructor through the American Red Cross, a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), American Society of Public Administrators (ASPA) and recently completed her designation for her Managed Healthcare Professional (MHP) with America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). She is set to be strategic in the workplace as well as the Worship place, because the two are called to be fitly joined together, that we may go in and effect change in all facets. She is a businesswoman mandated to EDIFY and bring wealth to the Kingdom. She currently resides with her husband Roland and daughters Olivia and Evon-Jean in Alabama.